Thursday, August 19, 2010

What are expensive if made for fun, let's for fun ... haha: D
without a long, straight to the scene ...
intro:: previous siapin Coffee + honey (so stoned) ...
it works like this ... .. ohok ohok

for example: need to buy a phone ..
we can use reason with our fingers ..
Do I download the following programs:
- JDK (Java Development Kit)
- Blackberry Email adn MDS Simulator
- Blackberry Smartphone Simulator

Just relax for free download ... (while FBan): D
If already download and install them according to the instructions on the only (living next-next-next: D)
Well, straight-up how the game:
1. Run programs Blackberry Email and MDS Services Simulators>MDS.exe, format cmd (this step is not closed / close).

2. Next, open the Blackberry Smartphone Simulators 5.0.0>>9630.exe
Following steps:

from No. 2 -3 steps in the image above:
If asked for confirmation, please select YES.
Then straight into the browser, type the url address and download on the options menu.

No.7 images is the downloaded widget facebook (update status from there)
No. 9 we simply enter the username and password (direct play).

sadistic :D

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