Friday, August 20, 2010

Just direct it?? so much at once arrogant intentions..hag hag hag

Here are the pictures:
1. Open a new leaf and make the first layer and add the add motion guide

2. Take the object that will be processed in such a car, positioned on the first layer

3. In the guide layer, draw a pattern as its function

4. Convert as movie clips. Modify - Convert to Symbol - Movie clips

5. Position the car on the last keyframe, point to point to the specified object.

6. Furthermore Create motion tween on the layer I, as her video clip

7. Position the pattern lines were drawn to touch the middle of the car object

8. Run a Test Movie

9. To be more concrete objects according to the road running, set the car's position with the rotate / rotated manually

10. Finally, position the next layer I centanglah Orient to path on propoties.

11. Maybe our story over and continue,huft hehe..

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